Reach Every Student By Teaching For Change

Teaching for Change guides teachers to unravel the mystery of how students absorb and process information. This insight leads to better prepared lessons that will engage the hearts and minds of students. Coley offers many easily implemented ideas for sharing the truth of God’s Word that will connect with teens on a deeper level. Along with providing eight key concepts of effective teaching essential to real transformation in the lives of students, Coley also includes practical illustrations of how the key concepts look in a typical lesson. Each chapter ends with questions for deeper reflection or group discussion. This book is a vital source for anyone who instructs teens.

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With the wisdom of a seasoned educator, Ken Coley has masterfully crafted a “must-read” resource for those tasked with teaching students.  In addition to offering numerous suggestions for lesson presentation and lesson application, Coley examines the steps necessary for the teenage mind to retain and assimilate new instruction.  What helps to set this book apart is the attention given to the way the facilitator/teacher is interacting with the lesson’s content.    Coley works very hard to close the gap between learner and the instructor.  Those new to the teaching ministry as along with those that have been in the trenches of student ministry for many years will appreciate the freshness and clarity presented.

Steve Rohrlack

Church Strengthening & Discipleship

South Carolina Baptist Convention

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