Educational Ministries Abroad

I had a fabulous time teaching a graduate class at Ukraine Baptist Theological Seminary in L’Viv, Ukraine. It was such a pleasure getting to know my class of 15 students who are two years into earning their master’s degree. Many are teaching or plan to teach at satellite campuses spread out across western Ukraine. It was a privilege to coach them on teaching and leading educational ministries.

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Entrusted To The Faithful

Dr. Kenneth Coley, the Director of the Doctor of Education program at Southeastern Seminary has edited a new book: Entrusted to the Faithful: An Introduction to Pastoral Leadership.Entrusted-cover-640x1024

The book includes chapters by eight current and former Southeastern faculty members: Drs. Kenneth Coley, David Beck, Allan Moseley, Steven Wade, James Porowski, Larry Purcell, J. Gregory Lawson, and John Boozer.

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Reach Every Student By Teaching For Change

Teaching for Change guides teachers to unravel the mystery of how students absorb and process information. This insight leads to better prepared lessons that will engage the hearts and minds of students. Coley offers many easily implemented ideas for sharing the truth of God’s Word that will connect with teens on a deeper level. Along with providing eight key concepts of effective teaching essential to real transformation in the lives of students, Coley also includes practical illustrations of how the key concepts look in a typical lesson. Each chapter ends with questions for deeper reflection or group discussion. This book is a vital source for anyone who instructs teens.

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With the wisdom of a seasoned educator, Ken Coley has masterfully crafted a “must-read” resource for those tasked with teaching students.  In addition to offering numerous suggestions for lesson presentation and lesson application, Coley examines the steps necessary for the teenage mind to retain and assimilate new instruction.  What helps to set this book apart is the attention given to the way the facilitator/teacher is interacting with the lesson’s content.    Coley works very hard to close the gap between learner and the instructor.  Those new to the teaching ministry as along with those that have been in the trenches of student ministry for many years will appreciate the freshness and clarity presented.

Steve Rohrlack

Church Strengthening & Discipleship

South Carolina Baptist Convention

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Standing room only for @DrKenColey’s breakout session at #Conclave17. @SEBTS @CollegeSE

In January Dr. Coley presented at the Conclave Conference in Chattanooga, TN, to youth ministers from around the region.

Pictured below are participants discussing applications of new concepts during the seminar, “Five Myths That Are Strangling Your Teaching.”

“Thank you so much for your two breakout sessions!!! Not only will I use these techniques with the students, but I am also going to use them as I take care of patients before and after going on dialysis. I am an NP and work with very discouraged, noncompliant patients that don’t think they can learn. I can’t wait to apply these at work. This is the most applicable talk I have heard in a long time. May God continue to use you to influence youth leaders for years to come.” ~Carey

“Every teacher, whether they know they are stuck in a rut or not, should pay attention to these active learning concepts. Your teaching will improve from spending time learning the techniques Ken teaches. His energy and passion for teaching are contagious. I’ve worked with youth for 17 years but my style will be different as a result of his presentations.” – Adam Cain, Associate Pastor of Youth, Bethlehem Baptist, Newnan GA

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EdD Cohort Success

Congratulations to another EdD cohort finishing up their final class today! Next step: comprehensive exams. ken-cohort

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Successful Sessions @ ACSI NC Forum

     Dr. Coley is a frequent presenter at ACSI teachers’ conferences. On October 20th & 21st, he presented three workshops based on current findings in mind, brain, and education research.

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Comments following sessions at ACSI NC Forum held in Winston-Salem, N.C.

I enjoyed the comfortable, interactive nature of both seminars, and I came away with some ideas and strategies that I will use in my classroom.  I also felt affirmed by Dr. Coley’s responses when I shared some methods I already use.
Donna Reynolds, 6th grade SS and Bible teacher at High Point Christian Academy

I recently attended two of Dr. Coley’s workshops on active learning and metacognition, and I found both to be engaging, insightful, and practical.  What I appreciated most was the way he effectively modeled, through the guided, interactive workshop activities, the very practices he was advocating.
Kim Holland, a HS English teacher at High Point Christian Academy

I always look forward to attending Dr. Coley’s sessions on engaging students in learning. He offers great practical ideas I can use in the classroom immediately while building a foundation in reaching students effectively and empowering them to take ownership of their own learning. I’m looking forward to using these new ideas to make a positive impact in my classroom on Monday.
Randy Bridges, middle school math at North Raleigh Christian Academy

“Who wouldn’t be fascinated with the brain and how it works?  Teachers from all areas will benefit from this engaging session on the field of neuroscience as it relates to learning.  Dr. Coley’s wit and wisdom leave participants energized, encouraged, and filled with knowledge to share.  Don’t miss this engaging seminar!”
Madeline, ACSI NC Forum attendee and Christian school teacher

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Encouragement & Inclusion @ Impact Conference

Today’s church faces the unique challenge of ministering to, and discipling, multiple generations at the same time.  It is not uncommon to have as many as six generations represented in Sunday morning worship.  Dr. Coley did a masterful job of explaining how to connect these age groups through creative and active teaching.  Ken has the ability to encourage the seasoned veteran while also connecting with those new to teaching.  Ken Coley is a gifted communicator and a regular contributor to our state-wide events.

Steve Rohrlack

Church Strengthening & Discipleship Team

South Carolina Baptist Convention

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Reflection & Relationships @ Kansas City, MO


Dr. Coley presented at a Administrator/Board Conference in Kansas City, Mo, on September  17, 2016.He is pictured here with Dr. Larry Daughtery of Renewanation and John Craig, Director of Accreditation for ACSI South-Central region.

“Renewanation Midwest recently conducted a Christian School Board Training Symposium at MidAmerica Nazarene University. Dr. Coley was particularly instrumental in contributing to its success. His presentations on Practices That Strengthen the Administrator / Board Relationship & Practices That Strengthen the Board as a Team gave the board members insightful and practical measures to implement for governance improvement at their respective schools. I highly recommend Dr. Coley for training and equipping Christian school and other ministry boards.”

Dr. Daughtery

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Highlights From Hilton Head Seminars

Dr. Coley conducted teacher training seminars at First Baptist Church, Hilton Head, SC, on August 20, 2016. Here’s a response from their Minister of Education following the three hour training:

“Thank you again for being an inspiration to us all on Saturday.  I have already heard testimonials from some of our teachers about how they are planning to make some changes and implement some of what they learned from you this weekend.  May the Lord continue to bless you as you have blessed us here at FBCHHI.”

Rev. Richard S. Wade

Minister of Music and Education

First Baptist Church of Hilton Head

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SC Baptist Convention Reviews

Thanks so much for your participation in our conference! Our attendees had many wonderful things to say about your keynote and breakout sessions. I appreciate your time and devotion in helping our conference provide critical insights for our teachers, administrators and support staff. It’s great to know that God is continually using us for His work in the area of Christian Education.

Kathy Miles

Associate Director of Preschool and Children’s Ministry Generations

Group South Carolina Baptist Convention

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