List of articles here in PDF format:


  Examining Deuteronomy 6 Through the Lens of 21st Century Educational Concepts

          Entrusted to the Faithful Book Review

  Teaching for Change: Eight Keys for Transformational Bible Study with Teens

ACSI Leadership Matters: Ten Practices Of Effective Boards Book Review

In Search of Best Practices in Christian School Governance CPE

How Would It Play In Peoria?:Presenting Current Curriculum And Insturction Andragogy To Theological Educators In Santiago, Cuba

Strengthening Your Core: Effective Practices for Board Governance

Should Your Christian School Enroll the Child of a Same-Sex Couple

Active Learning Techniques in the Christian Education Classroom and in Ministry Contexts

A Metacognitive Conversation About Active Learning

The Effect of Walkthrough Observations on Teacher Perspectives in Christian Schools

Avoid Walking the Plank, or at Least Reduce the Splash

AAA Solutions to Sharing Classroom Space

Download This to Their IPod:  Preparing Future Leaders

Instructional Leadership in the School Curriculum

Liven Up Those Listeners and Kiss Distance Learning Goodbye

SBC Christian Schools – Streched by Success

Christian Education is Vital

Pastor – How Should I Educate My Children

Reimagining the Spiritual Development of our Students:


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