Praying at the Crossroads Bible Study Book includes printed content for 12 small group sessions, personal study between sessions, applicable Scripture, “How to Use This Study,” tips for leading a group, and interactive prayer guides.

Prayer is essential to our spiritual growth, yet few of us pray as often or as fervently as we would like. We turn to God only in moments of desperation and crisis. God wants us to turn to Him at every moment of our lives.

The Bible is filled with the prayers of God’s people. Many of the prayers come at critical junctures of faith—at crossroads of decision. Scripture shows us multiple examples of people turning to God when there is nowhere else to turn for peace, comfort, guidance, and strength. Looking to these prayers of biblical leaders, we can learn to pray with new commitment and passion.

In this 12-session Bible study, taught by seminary professors and ministry leaders, we will learn that the ancient prayers of Old Testament saints have much to teach us in our present circumstances, whether at a crossroads or on our daily path. Each week’s study features both group and individual prayer guides so that participants can grow in their ability to pray. Together we will learn to call on God not only at crossroads but also in our daily lives.

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Teaching for Change guides teachers to unravel the mystery of how students absorb and process information. This insight leads to better prepared lessons that will engage the hearts and minds of students. Coley offers many easily implemented ideas for sharing the truth of God’s Word that will connect with teens on a deeper level. Along with providing eight key concepts of effective teaching essential to real transformation in the lives of students, Coley also includes practical illustrations of how the key concepts look in a typical lesson. Each chapter ends with questions for deeper reflection or group discussion. This book is a vital source for anyone who instructs teens.

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Ken Coley has spent much of his life carefully studying how to craft transformational Bible study for teenagers. He is a recognized leader in the field. As a gift to the kingdom and to youth ministry, he has consolidated his insights in the new book Teaching for Change. Youth pastors who speak to packed rooms of teenagers, those who weekly lead small-group Bible studies, and those who mentor a teenager one-on-one all will profit from his insights. With the culture crumbling, it is more vital than ever that Bible study leads to change—teenagers who become more conformed to Christ and who join Him in bringing His kingdom on earth. I highly recommend this book to those special leaders committed to the next generation. ~ Dr. Richard Ross

The amazon reviews for Ten Practices of Effective Boards is 5 out of 5!

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Joe Said: “Ken Coley’s writing on board governance is interesting, practical, and informative. The book and workbook are great for board training. We ordered the workbooks and the CDs. Our school board and administration will use these resources for a training class. The book and workbook are perfect companions for meeting the ACSI accreditation requirements for school boards.”

Thomas said: “Practical excellent approach. Should be required reading for all Christian school board members.”

Be prepared to grow academically, professionally, and spiritually as you consider Ken Coley’s principles for what it takes to be an effective school leader. Topics include the five forces of leadership, transformational leadership, legal and financial issues, and leadership development of the school staff.


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Make no mistake about it. Leadership at any level in any arena is punctuated by difficult times. Touching on leadership research, Dr. Coley weaves the proven principles of God’s Word into the real-life world of Christian school administration as he offers clear guidance for leaders who desire to successfully navigate stormy waters. 184 pages.


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Adult Sunday school can effectively increase the health of a church, and foster community and spiritual formation among its participants. Sunday Schools That Really Excel is a revealing look at actual churches with adult fellowships that not only survive but thrive. No matter the setting or challenges facing your church, this book is highly encouraging and practical.

Various authors contribute chapters that blend an illustration of an excellent existing Sunday school ministry with scriptural support and leadership principles to enhance your own church’s ministry. Chapters are devoted to particular situations faced by many churches, such as Sunday school in a rural setting; on the heels of a crisis; in a multicultural community; among transition to small groups; revitalizing a long-established ministry; and many others. Sunday school expert Steve Parr brings together lessons from the best of the best so that all Sunday school ministries can excel!


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